The “Europa Iuvenis” Association was established in 2014 by initiative of a group of young people, youth leaders, who wanted to encourage young people to be active and develop activities for young people in the Opolskie Voivodeship. In the last few years, we have gone from a youth organization trying its hand at local projects to one of the most experienced and active  NGOs in Opole which support youth and develop youth policy.

In the „Europa Iuvenis” Association, we believe that young people can and should create the reality that surrounds them. They have potential and possibilities – all you need to do is create the right space for them.

We work with and for young people. We also support local governments in creating solutions that will favor the development of young people in the region. Together, we try to create the “Youth Opolskie Region”.

We combine these potentials on our own ground – our organization is made up of young people and experienced (older in age, not in spirit!) youth workers. We operate mainly in the Opolskie Voivodeship, although in response to local needs, we also sometimes go  other places, “somewhere in Poland”.

Our activities fit in 3 main areas:

Civic education and youth policy

We support active youth and those who work for their development. We strengthen young people’s participation in public life, increase opportunities for their involvement and, together with local and regional authorities, develop the necessary tools. We support the creation and operation of youth councils and the Youth Forum of the Opolskie Voivodeship. We train youth councils tutors, advise local governments, and support the creation of local and regional youth strategies.

European education

We believe that we are part of the Common Europe. We appreciate the richness of our European diversity and show how to draw from it. We spread European values. We create a space for young people to establish international cooperation, strengthen European identity and mutual understanding.

Youth initiatives

We help young people to develop their own initiatives. We teach and help in obtaining funds, conduct workshops and events or simply – we co-create projects together. We respond to the needs and areas of interest. Ecology, entrepreneurship, sports, culture, arts, games and much, much more. Sky is the limit.

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