The project “No limits – All together” is a youth exchange in which young people aged 14-17 from Spain and Poland took part. The exchange concerned the issue of including and excluding people with fewer opportunities from the environment, seeking solutions to increase social awareness of this subject among young people.

The project was aimed at discovering the importance of acceptance and belonging to the environment by young people, opening to a variety of views, respecting other people, activating young people in the activities of local communities by increasing their awareness of the importance of social acceptance.

The main goals of the project were to increase the social awareness of young people, to promote involvement in the activities of local communities by creating local initiative groups, to promote positive patterns of attitudes and behavior among young people at risk of exclusion and risk, to develop an attitude of openness, respect for diversity and for others over national barriers. and cultural, increasing the interest of participants and other young leaders in their communities in international cooperation or developing independence, responsibility and active attitude among young people.

The project “No Limits – All together”, implemented as part of the ERASMUS+ program, Action 1: Mobility of youth and youth workers, from the European Commission funds under the Erasmus+ program.